Pype Intelligent CRM helps Cyber Sentinel Grow Their Sales Pipeline


Increase in Revenue

90 Minutes

Saved per Month


Increase in Productivity

Cyber Sentinel saw a 20% uplift in their revenue, thanks to Pype CRM

Cyber Sentinel, A British Cybersecurity Start-up were struggling to scale their revenue operations. The company was using traditional CRM software which limited the amount of contacts the company could have forcing the company to spend more money on their sales and marketing activities. 
Due to this, scaling their revenue operations was becoming too costly and their CRM was not able to automate the company's revenue operations causing the business to have a leaky sales pipe. 

Pype Helped Cyber Sentinel by: 

  • iAutomating their sales and marketing activities and improve collaboration between sales and marketing teams 
  • Finding high quality leads using the Pype Leads platform which has a database of over 15 Million business contacts
  • Capturing all sales interactions with prospects by integrating with email and calendar. 

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