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Implementation: Getting You started with Pype CRM

Our speedy implementation make sure you are up and running an integrated with your favourite tools in 4 weeks.

Prices are in USD and don't include taxes and fees where applicable.
*Discount is valid until your next renewal.
What's Included?
Email Setup
STP Setup
STP Setup
Email Setup
Setting up your email delivery pathway and IP address
Email Validation
Setting up your email validation to ensure only accurate email address are in your system,resulting in an 97% email delivery rate
Integration Setup
Pype Leads Integration
Integrating Pype leads to you Pype CRM environmet
Integration with your current technology stack
Integrating Pype Leads to your currennt technology stack to ensure an automated and seamless customer experience
Technographic Data Integration
Setting up technographic data to reveal the technology stack used by your prospects and customers
Initial Campaign setup
IP Warmup Campaign Setup
Warrming up your IP to allow deliverability to your customers email address and a high IP reputation
Initial 5 Step Campaign Setup
Getting you started with a high quality campaign on the Pype CRM platform
Rule-Based Points Scoring Setup
Setting up your rule-based lead scoring to highlight hot and engaged leads based on their behavour
System Support
Ongoing Support with Pype Leads
Ongoing support with any challenges whilst using Pype Leads available 24/7
Ongoing Support with Pype CRM Platform
Ongoing support with any challenges whilst using Pype Intelligent CRM platform available 24/7
Ongoing Support with Campaigns
Ongoing Support with your Campaigns whilst on