Pype Intelligent CRM

Marketeer Inbond increased leads by 300% with Pype. Find qualified prospects, connect with them and close deals at scale.

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What can do for you?
Find leads

From LinkedIn, prospect websites & our database of 15M+ Business contacts based on company firmographics and technographics.


With your leads at scale through automated and personalised messaging via email, sms, phone, and social media campaigns.

Find prospects

Hot leads who are actively engaging with your messaging. Use Artificial Intelligence to identify leads that are ready for your sales team to engage.

Win more deals

By focusing on responsive qualified leads who have shown a strong interest to purchase your product or service.

Close more deals and GROW your business
minutes a day saved on average
Uplift in revenue
Find B2B leads at scale
Access to over 15 million B2B and B2C local companies, intent data.
Automate social media processes such as visits & connection requests
Extract emails & phone numbers from your potential customers' websites.
Identify sales ready leads
Deliver personalised content aligned with the leads' prefered channel and timing.
Use predictive scoring to identify and qualify leads engaging with your content.
Find qualified sales ready leads to pass on to your sales team.
Close deals faster
Automate routine sales conversations or emails with prospects.
Automate your existing sales process and journeys, that already work for you.
Use our industry leading, multi touch sales processes to close more deals.
Empower everyone on your team.
Find high-value leads

Find contact information based on geographic location, company size, industry, job titles, and technology from prospect websites, B2B social media, or from our database of over +200 contacts worldwide. Provide your marketing team with high-quality leads.

Empower everyone on your team.
Run automated campaigns at scale

Run automated and personalised email, sms or social media campaigns to warm up leads and introduce your business to customers at scale. Use Artificial Intelligence to score highly engaged leads to ensure the sales team only gets qualified leads.

Empower everyone on your team.
Close more deals

Book more meetings and focus only on leads that have shown an interest in your products or services and are ready to engage with sales. Use company information such as technographic data to have more meaningful conversations with your potential customers.

Empower everyone on your team.
Grow your business

Hit your growth targets by ensuring your marketing and sales team have a full pipeline to work with. Generate predictable revenue by automating marketing and sales tasks that lead to a leaky sales funnel. Never miss an active opportunity again.

The CRM for Business Developers
Reach your growth targets

Accelerate business growth by building a reliable sales pipeline of qualified leads who know about your business and have shown some interest in your product or service.