Our team are consantly adding features to help you grow your business
Digital Sales Rooms

A secure environment where sellers can create differentiated stories and personalized interactions that support buyers throughout their decision-making process.

Emotion AI

Artificial intelligence that detects and interprets human emotional signals. Sources can include text (natural language processing and sentiment analysis), audio (voice emotion AI), video (facial movement analysis, gait analysis and physiological signals)

Conversational Engagement Analytics

extract and process data from both spoken speech (e.g. phone calls and voice assistants) and typed speech (e.g. customer service chatbots).

Sales Knowledge Graphs

Interoperate across different marketing and sales data and content resources using Knowledge Graphs, built with Linked Data and semantic technologies

Extended Planning and Analysis

extended planning and analysis (xP&A) extends the use of financial planning and analysis principles, tools, data models and processes to non-finance departments throughout an enterprise.

Advanced Psychographics Profiling

segment customers and clients and tailor products according to their needs and preferences, Using AI to suggest the best channel to use to distribute and advertise the product.